Going to town with townships

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Going to town with townships Empty Going to town with townships

Post by Cardon21 on Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:31 pm

Reflecting trends in other parts of the country, the construction of integrated and gated townships is also catching up in Kerala. Luxury is in vogue in the real estate sector these days. It is well known that home buyers are ready to pay up for the luxuries that can be bought and the builders continue to come up with new luxury offerings in their projects.

Integrated townships and gated township projects are going to lead the way in terms of luxury living and also boost the construction sector manifold in terms of revenue. And, as in the case of the big cities, builders are taking up such projects in Kochi and other parts of the Kerala. In comparison with the other projects in Kerala, Kochi apartments is of high demand.

Some big names in real estate development and infrastructure builders are still keeping away from the State with a wait-and-watch attitude. While the going seems good with realtors and business houses trying to pitch for Kochi, the builders believe that the Government should also have a positive attitude for an all- round development of the State.

The feel good factor has to be provided by the Government, he said. The high-end software companies are yet to arrive in a major way. It is only when these companies would feel comfortable in setting up their centres here that real estate and the construction boom would continue


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Going to town with townships Empty Re: Going to town with townships

Post by NipunMohta on Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:02 pm

thx for the atricle bro. it'd be nice too if u could also mention the source.


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