Android and iOS users can watch TV on the go with Tata Sky's mobile app

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Android and iOS users can watch TV on the go with Tata Sky's mobile app

Post by bbarat on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:22 pm

If you are a Tata Sky subscriber with a smart phone and still haven't tried Tata Sky's mobile app then you should definitely try it out. The App is made available to Apple iphone & ipad (ver 6 and above) users and Android phones & tablets (ver 4.1.2 and above) users. The App will allow users to enjoy live TV which consists of 100 channels accessible to viewers as per their subscriptin plan, Catch up TV and Video On Demand content available to even SD and HD subscribers but only on their mobile phones. The app will also offer remote recording of shows to Transfer+ subscribers directly to the STB. The transfer can be done over wi-fi thus saving up on internet bandwidth data. It will also facilitate streaming of recorded content from the transfer+ STB to mobile devices that are connected to a same wi-fi network. You can turn your phone into a remote with wi-fi remote this feature is available to Transfer+, HD and HD PVR subscribers. With Tata Sky's wi-fi remote no need to keep searching for the remote as you will always have your phone with you. The app is super convenient to use and the channels are very easily searchable, watching shows on the mobile is more enjoyable. So whether you are traveling back home from work or are on the go you can easily catch your favourite shows, movies, matches etc anytime and anywhere.


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