Eleven Long Years

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Eleven Long Years Empty Eleven Long Years

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:05 am

Eleven Long Years

First time I saw her in standard one,

Very young girl just trying to have some fun.

She was fabulous, simply marvellous,

Every time I saw her she left me wordless.

She took over my dreams at that instance,

A small kid trying to approach her at every single chance.

As we grew up, we seperated,

But she still was there in my heart.

We met again in standard seven,

Oh! It again felt like heaven.

This time a little grown up, a little bold,

I tried to approach her, she was like gold.

As time passed by, the bond strengthened,

Became good friends with her.

I gave my boards, planned to leave,

I wasn't happy, mad with grief.

I talked to her on every weekend,

Gathering courage, not trying to be weakened.

Finally I spoke to her about my love,

Politely she denied saying she wasn't the one.

I tried again several times,

The same reply every time.

Thought it to be not the right time, so decided to wait,

Just hoping I'll make it next time at right moment, not early or late.

Waited these eleven long years and now I just got to know,

she committed to someone else, she'd left me alone.

Still waiting for another chance, she might return,

I'm a big loser, my heart still cries and burns.


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